Block Island

Block Island has for the vacationer what doesn't seem possible anymore, complete, kicked back relaxation. Just twelve miles from the coast of Rhode Island, it is less than 3 hours from Boston. Although the island is only 3.5 miles wide and 7 miles long, it has over 16 miles of beaches, 20 miles of nature trails and 365 ponds. Originally occupied by native American tribe the Manisses, who called it "The island of the little god", it was named after Dutch navigator Adrian Block, who stumbled across it in 1614. Block Island is especially colorful as the seasons change. The magnificent view from the 200 foot cliffs at the Mohegan Bluffs and foot paths through the maze at the enchanted forest are a must for the fall visitor. With the change of season, brings the migrations of birds. Followed by the migration of the bird watchers. They gather to watch the over 150 species of birds as they stop on the island during their trip south. You may find as many as two or three hundred thousand birds on the island for two or three days at a time. As the off-season population dwindles to the hardy few, Block Island becomes a place to seek quiet and to experience the easy routine ofsmall-town life.
There are some seasonal high points: Harvest Festival,that takes place on Columbus Day Weekend, the Harbor Church's Roll Call Dinner that feeds hundreds, Thanksgiving Weekend Shopping Stroll, Ecumenical Choir concerts, the famous annual semi-serious Groundhog Day census. But mostly the off-season is a time when islanders recover from the busy pace of summer and welcome visitors who wish to find their own slow pace for a time.



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